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    REGGO is one of fixed seating solution companies, theatre seating manufacturers, recliner sofa manufacturers and cinema seating manufacturers in Turkey We are at very good prices and quality theatre seating suppliers for many companies long time  and our company has completed very large and very nice contract furniture projetcts in Turkey and in some other countries.

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    conference rooms and high-participation rooms where speeches are delivered are places where idea, smile and solidarity are laid. conference chairs should also provide this comfort for the audience, they should be modern, functional, and we will make you feel that comfort with our conference chairs.

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    We are working to make the places where the presentations where the collective activities are held and the demonstrations are more beautiful and stylish.

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    cinemas are a favorite place for young people. Perhaps these are the most frequent places for communication, it will be a great pleasure to observe influential companies in these places. We are working to bring you more pleasure from the cinema seating we produce.

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