gift holiday campaign from company reggo in Turkey

Beautiful GIFT HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN options for our valued customers

We wish you a happy holiday with your family and loved ones and collect very good memories…


  • My customers can benefit from this right when the total of orders made once or several times within 6 months is 200 thousand USD/Euro and above
  • All monies from the trade must have been taken. Jobs that are at the order stage or on the production line will be evaluated after the jobs are completed and all money is received
  • After 5 working days have passed after the payments made, the money received will be considered as final payment
  • The buyer company or person will notify our company in writing or by e-mail, of the 2 people they want to send on vacation and their passport information
  • Cash expenses, such as inside the airport or outside the hotel, belong to the people who won the holiday
  • Our company will not be responsible for the newly incurred expenses in case the holiday winners miss the plane by being late or they want to stay at the hotel for a longer period of time
  • Holiday winners can use their holiday usage rights at any time within 3 months. Holiday rights not used within 3 months will be forfeited
  • People who win a holiday will be offered various holiday options in Turkey, our customers who can choose whatever they want from these options
  • The order totals of the previous years will not be included in the gift holiday, and if there are new orders of 100 thousand USD/Euro as of the start date of the gift holiday program, the order totals within the last 3 years will be counted as the gift holiday campaign
  • The holiday gift won will be used only once. The amount increased above the determined 200 thousand USD/EURO will be used in the next gift holiday programs or other gift campaigns
  • When our customers who won a holiday want to go on their vacation with more than 2 people, none of the expenses of the people over 2 people belong to our company
  • The start date of the gift holiday campaign has been determined as 01.11.22 and will be shown in the documents with the code HTK22
  • I want to buy furniture and free vacation in Turkey

  • company reggo gift holiday campaign campaign HTK22