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    Undertaking a project is a difficult and complex process, meeting many people, competing with time at the same time is a difficult and complex process that requires dealing with many challenges. In this process, it is vital to act with the right supplier company. We always respect the ideas and wishes of our customers and business partners and surpass ourselves, because if you act selflessly and apply a win-win policy, then you will conquer hearts and we know that this is how you become a popular and sought-after company. This is our motto in our business life..We wholeheartedly believe that we will provide you with the best service, the most affordable prices, the highest quality service, and more importantly, that you will always be our valuable references, you will be our satisfied customers.

    What are the advantages of working with a hospital turnkey projects companies and medical equipment suppliers for turnkey hospital contract furniture solutions?

    • Creating a project and eliminating possible errors in advance due to our many years of experience
    • Dealing with many companies and solving everything smoothly from one company without wasting time and confusion
    • We will provide you with the same products and suppliers at a more affordable price, as we work with the same suppliers.
    • Since you do not deal with many companies separately, most of your time is left to you.
    • To be able to supply products with the deferred payment system based on the agreement and then pay later (this is a possibility. it is only possible that this environment of mutual trust is established and there are pledge.)
    • possibility of receiving external investment in your project (this is a possibility. it is only possible that this environment of mutual trust is established and there are pledge.)

    Healthcare furniture and healthcare equipment, hospital garden furniture, patient beds … Let us be your hospital turnkey solutions partner

    We offer you turnkey hospital project consultancy and implementation services, so that all health centers such as hospitals, polyclinics, health centers, we provide  interior medical furniture, garden furniture, sitting groups, electric hospital beds, patient beds, patient room furniture and receptions, interior decoration, surgical equipment, medical devices, respiratory ventilator, metal cabinets, metal storage lockers, special hospital doors and all kinds of hospital equipmentIn addition to these, we have the chance to provide you with the products and equipment you specifically request. We manufacture some of the above-mentioned products and equipment ourselves, and we supply some of the products from sister companies that we have been working with for many years. Some special medical devices are from abroad and we import them and supply them to our customers in the project. 

    metal storage lockersmedical furniture, respiratory ventilator, medical devices, hospital equipment and others…

    What we do

    • We prepare full detailed price quotes for our customers
    • we share descriptive information of each product
    • We create a layout plan based on your requests.
    • Based on your requests, we create images of products and spaces in computer environment. At the end of the work, you can see how everything will be.
    • We provide the best quality products and services to our customers, our products and services are guaranteed for at least 3 years, the warranty periods may increase according to the products and services.
    • Regardless of the country and city, we can undertake projects and perform on-site manufacturing and assembly and installation.
    • Payments can be delayed according to the details of the project, we can realize some projects with our own means and collect the remaining payment from our customers later.
    • According to the details of the project, we can jointly develop the project and make a profit together.
    • We can find outside investors according to the details of the project. (this is a possibility. it is only possible that this environment of mutual trust is established and there are pledge.)

    who look for healthcare turnkey projects companies and hospital furniture manufacturers for hospital doors, electric hospital beds, hospital patient room furniture..

    Hospitals are the places where we go to find healing. In time, hospitals have changed a lot compared to the old times and have become very modern. They contain everything in new style healing centers, they now have their own university, their own cafeteria, even a hotel for their patients in hospitals. You can be sure that we will provide you with the best service for hospital furniture solutions and healthcare turnkey projects that hospitals need.

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