We are looking for partnership, resellers, colleagues, collaborators work online who searching for jobs

are you searching for jobs, looking for work online ? We are looking for partnership, resellers, colleagues, collaborators in your city.

Become our commission-based collaborator in your city, so you can start making money right away with no capital, all you have to do is pay attention, follow up and communicate with us

The history of our company in Turkey is based on a family firm that produces furniture, and The history of our company in Turkey is based on a family company that produces furniture, in time it returned to company that make them by sub manufacturers companies in large scale. The companies we work with are either people or companies with whom we have family ties, or our commercial life is based on very old times, and in this case, the result is achieved by blending both with the necessary cost and service. high quality products and experience.

Despite everything, people should know how to share, if they know how to share like people in companies, they will have a long life and a smoother path. With this philosophy,

we are looking for partnership, resellers, colleagues, collaborators work online who searching for jobs around the world who will walk the same path as us. The main purpose of this cooperation is to adopt a win-win policy.

Items that the collaborator should consider and implement

  • The person with whom we cooperate should follow the newspapers or websites related to trading and tender and try to catch the appropriate purchase demands for our sector
  • Our collaborator should visit the newly built constructions in the city where he is located, contact the construction companies, obtain the furnishing files and send them to us. Our architectural team works on the incoming files and, if necessary, prepares 3d images, the total amount of the work is determined and the proposal is prepared
  • Our collaborator should keep in touch with his friends and relatives in institutions and organizations and keep their relations warm. They should be encouraging in directing the purchases of furniture, armchairs, etc., made by the aforementioned companies or institutions to our company
  • When the products are produced in Turkey and reach our collaborator city, the collaborators begin to take responsibility on behalf of our company. In all processes from the production process of the products to the final buyer customer, they should both communicate with us and transfer instant information to the customer.
  • After the goods arrive at the project location, our collaborator will organize the processes until the installation of the goods, transportation, cleaning works until the delivery of the work, and the extra expenses with receipts related to these will be covered by our company.

What we provide for the collaborator

  • A commission of up to 5% will be paid to our collaborators after the works they have found are returned to the order. A commission payment will be made to our collaborator after all the payments of the work taken with the contributions of our collaborator are received and the customer acceptance documents are signed
  • The commission to be provided for our collaborator will be provided from within the profit of our company, and there will be no additional cost to the end customer
  • An agreement showing our responsibilities will be signed between us and our collaborator and a letter of authorization will be given for our collaborator showing that we have a representative in the city where she is located
  • After the collaborator reaches the sales limit set for her in the agreement we have made, her information and contact information will be published on our website as an authorized representative 

In which cases our cooperation agreement is terminated

  • If there is no sale within 3 months, the collaborative agreement is terminated
  • Reggo Dış Ticaret Ltd Şti reserves the right to cancel the contract in case the total annual sales amount is below the required limit within 3 months
  • If the customers’ written complaint letters for the collaborator exceed 3 different customers, the cooperation agreement is automatically terminated.
  • The cooperation agreement will be terminated if he unlawfully puts the expenditures he has made into his own pocket and shows the expenditures more than the actual expenditure. Extra charges may be requested from him.

General information

  • Campaigns and gifts provided by our company at various times are only valid for end customers, our collaborators cannot benefit from these rights.
  • The payment schedule for the works that our collaborator finds and directs to us will be determined as a result of negotiations with the final buyer. Our collaborator will not be involved in financing or payment plans for the production of products.

If you are thinking of working as our collaborator in your city, please give information about yourself, fill out the joint form and send it to us. You can send us your questions and suggestions.

We will carefully review the application you have made on your resume (CV). If everything is positive, we will give you a positive feedback if we do not have a cooperator in your city.