Possible scenarios and risks

***A company that gives a very low price may be making a loss and gives a very cheap price to save the day without calculating the cost. Even assuming that this company is honest and does its job well, it may become difficult to manufacture and deliver products in such a situation.

***They may be offering very cheap prices due to their urgent tax debts. In such a case, they may be aiming to cover your tax debt with the advance payment they will receive from you.

***The only purpose of not giving any product after receiving the payment may be to receive the advance payment or the full payment, the reason they may be giving a very cheap price. You may have to order elsewhere for the second time.

***After receiving payment from you, they may say “I cannot produce the products at these prices” and make you buy twice as much raw material and deliver your products, you may not know exactly how much raw material is needed for your products. You can pay twice as much and still supply raw materials to the company.

***Initially, they may show you the expensive product A and after receiving the order, they may send you the more affordable product B.

***Whether it is a very large factory or a very luxurious plaza, the address records of the offices you visit may be different. You may be making the payment to a front company.

The possible risks you read above are not dreams, they are events we hear about and happen to those who say they will buy it very cheaply.

What should you do to trade safely?

Please ask for these from companies that offer very low prices from us.

  1. Offer to buy the products you want to buy with a 100% letter of credit without making any advance payment and place your order this way.
  2. Ask for a no tax liability letter (no tax debt letter) from the company you plan to order from. A tax debt letter is received online within 1 business day.
  3. Request a letter from the company you intend to order from that there is no lien on their bank accounts.
  4. Ask for documents and circular of signature showing who is the manager of the company you plan to order. Make sure that the signature of the manager is in the commercial agreements you will make.
  5. Request documents proving that the company is an active member from the chamber of commerce and exporters’ association in the city where the company is located.
  6. After checking the products one by one, load the goods and then make the remaining payment.
  7. Come and visit the company’s address and the address you have visited before, without prior notice.

We accept all the items written above and can provide the requested documents to our customers.

So, we are trying to explain why people and companies offering very cheap prices will cause problems. Because no matter what sector you are in, the raw materials, labor and costs of each product must be close to each other. Our company, which operates in the production and handling of contract furniture solutions for your projects like school, hospital, auditorium hall, cinema hall, hotel, dormitory and also for your purchase orders like conference hall seats, auditorium folding chairs, steel lockers, school furniture, airport beam chairs…etc naturally we need to make a profit.

When you add up the costs, overheads, labor costs and similar expenses, and when you add your profit to it, you get a result. When a different company gives prices much lower than the prices we give, we definitely observe that there is a problem there, because in our own country, we have our own expenses, these are our own costs, these are things known to everyone. For this reason, we strongly remind you to examine the companies that offer very low prices, to be careful! and to request all kinds of information and documents to secure yourself.