telescopic retractable seating system -RT1225

Telescopic tribune system is specially designed and applied to the ground, it can be applied anywhere where it is desired to be very useful from less space, indoor, outdoor, movie theater, conference halls, banquet halls, stadiums, swimming pools, basketball sports halls, school multi-purpose halls … etc.


  • The seat and backrest carcass are of steel construction, and they are covered with a sponge with a density of 50±5 (density, kg/m³) in special aluminum molds.
  • The surfaces of the carcassed seat and backrest sponges are optionally covered with fabric, leather or artificial leather.
  • The armrest body is made of aluminum, the armrests are made of ABS plastic. Optionally
    wooden cap is applied.
  • Armrests have antipanic feature. When the user gets up from the sitting position, the seat, backrest and armrest are closed together.
  • When the seat is closed; It occupies as much space as the width of the armrest body and allows the user to pass.
  • Errors caused by use in the fabric and seat are not covered by the warranty.
  • The photo is the general product photo. It may differ according to the extra features.
  • The product is packed in a cardboard box covered with nylon.
    The product is guaranteed for 3 years.