metal index card file cabinet with drawers

steel card index cabinets (drawer metal filing cabinets) and their general features

Cartotex filing cabinets are one of the most popular products for storing files. Drawer metal filing cabinets are designed to keep files hanging. Card index cabinets allow you to archive important documents quickly and conveniently. card index cabinets are the popular choice for organizing files in offices, archives, workplaces and other businesses.

Cardboard cabinets usually consist of several drawers. It has a single-row or two-row drawer structure. It is made of 0.70mm DKP quality steel sheet. The quality materials used are the first condition for the long-term trouble-free use of the products.

Dimensions and approximate weights of drawer metal filing cabinets

46x62x71h 2 drawer metal filing cabinet weighs approximately 24 kg

46x62x102h 3 drawer steel filing cabinet weighs approximately 37 kg

46x62x133h 4 drawer metal filing cabinet weighs approximately 50 kg

64x60x100h 8 drawer metal filing cabinet weighs approx 78 kg

General features of card index cabinets

  • The products are whole (Welded)
  • It has a central locking system
  • Drawers have telescopic rails
  • It will be produced from 0.70 mm sheet metal
  • Drawers have labels
  • Drawers have a self-grip

After the products are hung on the conveyor system, they enter the spray line untouched by human hands, they are degreased and iron phosphate processes are performed for the surface cleaning of the products. The degreasing and iron phosphate processes will be carried out at 55 degrees in a total of 5-6 minutes, then they pass through the drying line and are painted with electrostatic powder paint. temperature will be baked. Product Paint thickness is at least 50 µ (+ – 5%)