racks for library shelving systems

General features of racks for library shelving systems

Library shelving systems are used in many different areas such as schools, coffee houses, libraries. An extremely modern and aesthetic product has emerged with the combination of wood and steel materials. At the same time, thanks to its metal structure, it is durable and provides long-term use.

Cold rolled 6112 quality DKP sheet, a product of Ereğli Demir Çelik, is used in the metal parts of the library book shelving systems. After applying Electrostatic Powder Paint, the products are dried in ovens at 200 degrees. In this way, the product surface becomes more resistant to scratches or abrasions. 18 mm thick MDF material is used in the wooden parts.

With racks for library shelving systems, you can organize your books in the best way according to their subjects and sizes. You can easily reach the book you are looking for by means of the labels on the shelf edges. Thanks to the separators on the shelf of racks for library, your books are firmly in place.

  • It is produced from 1 mm sheet metal.
  • There is one chrome plated separator in each compartment.
  • There are 5 shelves in each compartment.
  • It is surrounded by 18 mm chipboard and 1 mm PVC band.
  • It has double sided or can be manufactured as single sided.
  • Products are disassembled.
  • Standard Metal Color: Ral 7035 (grainy light gray).
  • Wood Color: different colors and patterns can be chosen.

General dimensions of racks for library shelf systems

34x95x207h   one-sided library shelving systems
34x186x207h one-sided double library shelving systems
34x277x207h one-sided triple library shelving systems
64x95x207h   Two-sided single book shelf systems
64x186x207h Two-sided double book shelf systems
64x277x207h Two-sided triple book shelf systems