metal lockers

General feature of steel lockers

Dormitory lockers are designed with steel locker melamine wood material for a more modern and attractive look. The outer cabinets of these cabinets are made of high quality DKP sheet metal, the inner shelves and door are made of melamine wood material to suit the environment. There are mirrors and towel holders inside the lockers in order to be more practical and belong to everyone in the dormitories.

In this way, students will be able to store their personal towels easily in their lockers. In boarding school lockers, we generally use plastic pipe pingos that do not make noise instead of metal feet, these feet create a decorative atmosphere. It is possible to use electronic combination locks on boarding school dormitory lockers. We provide services with electronic lock or key lock options according to the demands of our customers.

Military foot lockers are specially created lockers according to the wishes of the military units and are likely to vary according to the military structures of the countries. Army foot lockers of production can be made in sizes and colors according to the demands of our customers.

Our metal lockers are produced from high quality 0.70 thickness DKP sheet. Perfect cutting and bending are done in laser cutting machines and cnc press brakes. Thanks to its steel structure, it is extremely durable and you can safely use these products for many years, our steel lockers have RAL 7035 light gray color as standard. There is a hinge system for the doors to be more durable and to be used for a longer time, thus providing a longer life and ease of use. All personnel gym lockers models have a standard locking mechanism suitable for the use of padlocks, optionally electronic combination or keyed lockers are offered for sale.

Steel office lockers, as it is known, water, rain, snow, etc. If it is exposed to factors, it can rust over time and has 10 cm high metal conical legs to cut the contact of the lockers with the ground. There is a lock mechanism on the doors of the personnel lockers, 1 name plate and a label holder on the doors of the steel employee lockers, and there are ventilation grilles for the evacuation of bad odors in the cabinet.

All of our products are electrostatic powder paint and baked at 200 degrees, making them even more resistant to scratches in metal lockers. Steel lockers are 6 models as standard; single steel lockers, single 2 tier lockers, 2 door lockers, 3 door lockers, 4 door steel lockers and 6 door metal lockers.

Lockers are also often used in gyms, and the gym locker is an inexpensive and effective way to store your stuff. Lockers, which can be used almost everywhere in factories, construction sites, gyms, schools, workshops, stores, allow workers, personnel, employees to store their clothes and valuables more comfortably. All lockers have hangers and there is an additional shelf at the bottom where shoes are usually placed.

No matter how many pieces, we serve with fast and timely delivery, and we produce metal lockers in special production and special sizes according to the demands of our customers.

lockers dimensions

60x50x200h single metal lockers
40x40x185h single Z 2 door lockers
80x40x185h double Z 4 door lockers
50x50x200h single boarding school dormitory lockers
50x92x200h boarding school lockers
42x40x185h single lockers
80x40x185h double lockers
120x40x185h triple lockers