mobile compact archive metal cabinets

Mobile compact archive metal cabinet systems

Compact archive cabinets types, designed as new generation mobile archive cabinet systems, are such that institutions and organizations serving in different sectors can both store their current documents and archive their expired documents.

Compact archive systems that stand out with their rail and flywheel movement mechanism; Thanks to its structures that offer a rich storage area from the narrowest offices to the smallest offices, it makes it possible to organize documents that have the quality of information and documents.

Functional metal mobile archive cabinets models designed using advanced technology are capable of preserving the file and archive load required by all sectors, from small-scale businesses to educational institutions, from public institutions and organizations to holdings.

Steel compact mobile archive cabinet systems with high functionality

Compact archive cabinets with rich color scales such as blue, green, white, red and orange not only accompany the decor of the places they are in, but also offer the users the advantage of preference.

Steel archive cabinets are the indispensable document storage of all units such as banks, hospitals, schools, courthouses, universities, factories, Land Registry Office, Population Affairs Directorate, district governor’s office, governor’s office, headman’s office, Provincial Arbitration Committee, Electricity, Water and Natural Gas Administration.

Compact cabinet systems allow documents belonging to different groups such as customers, patients, students, subscribers, citizens, defendants and plaintiffs to be filed in an orderly order, securely stored, and accessed easily and quickly.

Compact archive cabinets models with rails, which open freely by moving back and forth on the rail system and reveal the large space potential by intertwining, provide long-lasting use as they are produced from quality and durable materials, while keeping important documents containing information.

steel compact archive cabinets are designed to be a maximum of 4 side by side, in fact, it is possible to make 6 cabinets, but in the future, having many cabinets side by side may cause bending on the rails. Based on our experience, we think that 15 rows in a row are ideal for steel compact archive systems. There are fixed half cabinets behind the archive cabinets, double-sided and door cabinets in front of the cabinets, and the cabinets in between are double-sided and doorless cabinets.

The flywheel can be turned with a single finger push of the steering wheel, so that the cabinets can be moved forward or backward and the desired file can be reached by entering between the shelves. The most important feature of archive cabinets is that they can store large amounts of files in small areas and prevent all kinds of dust, water and similar liquids from entering the interior thanks to their steel structures. Thanks to the overlapping of the steel cabinets and the presence of soft plastic fittings between the cabinets, dust is prevented from entering the cabinets. These cabinets are also fire resistant, we hope it will never happen, but when there is a fire, the files in the cabinets are kept unharmed for about 3 days.

steel compact archive cabinets dimensions

  • Single compact archive cabinet systems

62x100x217h Closed front movable archive cabinet

60x100x217h Doorless intermediate moving archive cabinet

30x100x217h Fixed half archive cabinet without cover

  • Double metal compact archive cabinet systems

62x200x217h Closed front movable archive cabinet
60x200x217h Doorless intermediate moving archive cabinet
30x200x217h Fixed half archive cabinet without cover

  • Triple compact archive cabinet systems

62x300x217h Closed front movable archive cabinet
60x300x217h Doorless intermediate moving archive cabinet
30x300x217h Fixed half archive cabinet without cover

  • Quad steel compact archive cabinet systems

62x400x217h Closed front movable archive cabinet
60x400x217h Doorless intermediate moving archive cabinet
30x400x217h Fixed half archive cabinet without cover

Note: The interior depth dimensions of the cabinets can be preferred as 60 cm or 100 cm.