school library funiture

General features of library furniture and library study table 

It is possible to call these library furniture systems as wall-mounted bookshelves. It has been designed with a single-sided closed back and flat shelves in order to show products such as books and magazines comfortably. In this way, the texts or pictures on the outer surfaces of the books can be seen easily. Such bookcase systems are ideal for spaces that want to make the most of the walls. Generally, this wooden periodical bookcase on the wall parts or the metal body without the wooden frame can be used as a periodic bookcase.


Likewise, our company meets all library needs within the scope of the project. One of the fixtures of libraries is the reading desk. These library study table are designed according to the reading of the people who come to the library. Whether in the library or in a shop selling books, they can take the book or books you like and put them on the shelves of this reading table and perform the necessary reading or study process. These reading desks are generally preferred as quadruple or double. These desks, also known as reading desks, which are school library furniture, are made of box profile metal legs. If desired, light can be added to the shelf sections of these library tables. Generally, the dimensions of such tables are 140×120 or 140×140.