steel filing cabinets

metal filing cabinets and their general features

File cabinets are designed to securely file your daily files and folders that you use in your office. File cabinets, which can be produced in standard and special sizes, demounted and as a whole, have a three-point locking feature. Usually the cabinets

In standard file cabinets, the hinges are visible, but there are also hidden hinged file cabinets if desired.

Filing cabinets dimensions
100x92x42cm metal file cabinet
130x92x42cm metal file cabinet
198x92x42cm metal file cabinet
180x90x40cm glass filing cabinets

Metal File Cabinets General Features

The filing cabinet, which is frequently used in offices and offices, is produced from high quality Ereğli DKP sheet metal. It is widely used as metal office cabinets and multi-purpose cabinet. It is highly preferred in offices for file, folder and archiving purposes. steel filing cabinets are painted with static powder paint. Our standard color is RAL 7035 light gray.

It has 2 doors as standard and there is a lock system on the doors. The locking system is a keyed lock. The number of shelves is determined according to the dimensions of the cabinets as 2 shelves, 3 shelves and 5 shelves in the metal filing cabinets. The intervals of these shelves are adjustable mobile shelves. To give an example, a total of 3 shelves of 130 file cabinet have 4 compartments together with the base. The thick file capacity of each shelf is approximately 11 pieces and the thin file capacity is 16 pieces. The total file capacity of 130 office cabinets is approximately 30 – 33 pieces.

file cabinets are produced from 0.70 mm thick high quality Eregli DKP cold sheets. First class materials are used in all of our products and metal filing cabinets have been providing trouble-free service in your offices and workplaces for many years. The purpose of the metal office file cabinet is to store important documents, folders and files in a locked steel cabinet, to put an end to the messy and messy look in offices, and to provide a more spacious working environment.

Briefly, how steel file cabinets are produced

These flat sheets are first cut with a guillotine shear machine. The cut sheet metal dkp sheets are subjected to bending process with CNC press brake bending machines. A perfect twist is very important here. Afterwards, welding is required to bond the sheets. Welding process is completed with spot welding machine. Then the metal file cabinet is painted with static powder paint and baked in a paint oven at 200 degrees.

Steel filing cabinets, which are painted and fired in the paint oven, are then taken to the assembly section. Here you can find cabinet doors, shelves, locks, etc. control is done. If there is a defect in the steel file cabinets, it is detected at this stage. Products that pass all stages are packaged and offered for sale.